Top 10 benefits of personal website

Top 10 benefits of personal website

Introduction: With the advancement of technology like WordPress, building your personal website is pretty simple today. it’s usually best to create personal website exploitation your name because the name and switch that website into your digital resume to accelerate your career development.

The followings area unit the highest ten reasons / advantages to create your personal website in my very own experience:

1. Searchability

Nowadays, prospective employers and accomplishment agency take benefits of their web presence to try and do the initial look for job applicants’ info. they require to grasp a lot of concerning the candidates, their skills, passion and life. Having a good personal website can greatly increase the prospect of being hand-picked for Associate in Nursing in-depth interview.

While finding out your name on search engines, your personal website seems on the highest of the search result page. Reaching to the amount one or initial page position speaks volume of your  skills (e.g. SEO, content strategy, etc.) and your information concerning on-line name management, each area unit extremely wanted skills for many workers within the twenty first century.

2. Let Jobs notice You

In Associate in Nursing era wherever the web rules, accomplishment agency and head-hunters currently search through LinkedIn or Google for appropriate candidates. Having your personal website is like posting your resume all over. It is not shocking to possess many agency recruiters to approach you for brand new job opportunities every week. several of those nice opportunities aren’t found in ancient media like newspaper or accomplishment magazines. If you’d wish to add an online start-up, do establish yourself online!

3. Learn a brand new Trade by Doing

There is 2 ways in which to be told a brand new skills, you’ll be able to either

Read books / Obtain steering initial before doing. OR
Get your head wet by doing initial and browse books / obtain steering upon encountering difficulties
In the context of building a personal website, the later is that the simplest thanks to learn the trade.

several website designer and website developers could be Associate in Nursing knowledgeable solely a language a region, a locality, a vicinity, a part, a section of web development as they concentrate their efforts in this area only. but once building your personal website, you wish to grasp each aspects concerned, from domain registration, hosting, web design, front-end secret writing, back-end secret writing, usability, program optimization, conversion optimization, you name it. The sole approach you’ll be able to learn to line up a in web site is to make your personal website from scratches.

For example, i used to be a graphic designer by coaching. Through building my very personal website: 91 WebSquare, I actually have developed myself into a full-stack internet developer that may be a terribly valuable profession within the new internet era.

4. Show Your Passion together with your diary Topics with personal website

Passion and information area unit 2 pillars for you to reach your career. It is conjointly the traits most wanted by employers. Personal website provides the most effective platform for you to indicate would-be employers the topics that interest you.

you’ll be able to produce your true complete through the topics you selected, the fashion of writing, the look and value of the web site. Although free hosted blogging platforms like and conjointly offer you a similar channel without charge. Your personalization choices and management area unit usually a lot of restricted. Personal website and diary ought to show the most effective of you!

5. Show Your web knowledge and  information

Soon the date can come back once not having internet information equals illiteracy. This century sees the expansion of the many digital natives. However there’s a fine line between victimization the web and understanding the web. One must get their hands dirty so as to grasp the complexness of website design and development. Several tiny and medium enterprises today still lack the information to create a good usable person website and therefore the skills to rank well on search engines. By having knowledgeable personal website, you’ll stand out from the gang of competitory job candidates.

6. Your online Presence

As long as you permit search engines to index them, no matter you set au fait the web are often and can be seen by others. This permits you and your personal website to succeed in individuals you’d otherwise not meet.

After Google introduced Google Authorship and with future optimization, solely “authoritative” authors (authors with numerous standard posts during a specific topic) can have their photos shown up within the search snippets. Showing your author profile in Google provides your the quality that you simply area unit Associate in Nursing knowledgeable within the specific field.

7. Your Digital Resume

Many predict that the written resume are going to be before long thought to be quaint and digital resume is that the future. It’s true that there square measure heaps of on-line profiles like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. You’ll be able to produce to say your online presence.

However, each one of them has their limitations on the format, quantity of information, design, etc. each profile might look similar too that makes it terribly troublesome to face out from the group.

Have you detected that just about each one of them would enable you to feature your own universal resource locator to the web profile? Building your personal website circumvents the limitation. you’ll be able to virtually have it your way!

8. Your Digital Assets

Everything you write produce values and that they square measure here to remain. You’ll be able to conjointly treat your personal website as a knowledge domain that stores the data you’ve got non heritable through the ages. What you’ve got engineered belongs to you!

One factor you may not know: your data set is additionally valuable to others! For instance, if you have got written tons of valuable posts on your personal website and these articles rank well in search engines, chances are high that that you just will earn handsomely through putting connected advertisements in your website. (It is incredibly troublesome if not not possible to feature advertisements to free blogging platforms.)

9. Manage Your Career as Entrepreneurs

Brands have values, huge established brands carry nice price. the foremost valuable whole within the world, Coca-cola, is valued at nearly $80,000 million. In fact, the construct of brand name price conjointly applies to people. The term “Entrepreneur” is employed within the field of career to explain an expert United Nations agency manages their career like associate businessperson United Nations agency perpetually searches for successive huge chance.

Today, job security is just about non-existent. In economic turmoils, massive scale lay-off is all over. Building your online personal disapproval together with your personal website. It is that the final price you’ll be able to carry with you. By perpetually searching for new opportunities like additional studies, new collaboration, aspect comes, your personal. Whole are going to be additional increased. And before you recognize it, your hard-earned whole price would possibly land you a good opportunity!

10. New Career Direction

Countless individuals have found their new career with creating profitable websites. The foremost no-hi tones being Pat Flynn United Nations agency earns 5 figure on-line financial gain monthly. Quite thirty fifth of Gen-Y’ers have started their own businesses on the aspect whereas having a full-time job. So as to supplement the financial gain. everybody can tell you that earning online is incredibly fulfilling as a result of you’ll be able to facilitate others by providing valuable data and help to them, in return, you earn your living through advertisements or affiliate.

You can begin your personal website as a aspect operation that involves solely nominal risks. Because the price is low and you continue to have your full-time financial gain. However once you become no-hit and therefore the online financial gain. Which is enough to sustain your living, you’ll be able to just about quit your job.

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Take action currently to create your personal website with this 3-step straightforward guide. Then you’ll be able to build relevance my orient personal SEO and formulate your own strategy to earn you the digital name.

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