Did you know? why Education CRM software is important  For Study Consultants

Did you know? why Education CRM software is important For Study Consultants

Believe it or not, it may fall in the student consultants strategy with a broad reach. In order to deal with student inquiries from many channels, regions, and languages, there may be heavy recruitment and admissions staff, which are under pressure to adhere with every new possibility to follow timely and effective ways, And make sure that all the hard work your school has started generating new lead payments.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology provides a readymade solution to this problem so that schools can easily keep a track of leads, automate some of their follow-up processes, and measure the effectiveness of your lead management more accurately.

Using CRM for higher education is not a new idea, a global study conducted by survey in 2018 showed that 59% of the 176 surveyed provided Education CRM system for recruitment Not used, only 36% of schools said they were considering implementing one.

So why should your school consider using CRM? What are its possible benefits? And how can you integrate it into your existing management activities? Read on to find out more.

How do CRM systems work?

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, CRM software platform marketing and sales professionals offer a wide range of functionality designed to allow their contacts to be managed more effectively with customers.

Essentially, the CRM system collects any information you collect about the lead to create a comprehensive online database. Then you can organize and track these leads in each stage of an inbound marketing lifecycle, group them into separate segments, and automate some of the functions of the inbound marketing process.

CRM Software works (1)

There is a wide range of CRM systems available, and the right choice of your school will depend on your individual needs. Some of the most popular general CRM systems, such as ArchizCRM, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics, are excellent options for beginners to experts, with user-friendly interfaces and extensive integration and functionality.

Study Consultants also have the option of using CRM platforms specifically designed for higher education, Education CRM Software is available in both format readymade and customized, but as compared to readymade CRM, customized CRM can be more expensive to implement.


To get the most out of CRM Software, it is important that your contacts get organized properly. Most CRM platforms contain tools that allow you to easily import your existing contact lists, which means that you can start tracking your current leads immediately.

From there, you can create action and contact forms directly from your CRM for your website, landing page, and other digital channels, which will automatically add new leads to your database. These can be as simple or detailed as you want them, and you can collect additional data about potential clues to personalize your follow-up efforts.

When you can easily create many values ​​for your CRM Software forms, resist the temptation to request a lot of information from potential students and as forms that are highly complex, appear as aggressive. , Or it can take a very long time to fill up the possibilities. And reduce conversion rates. You can do A / B with different forms to ensure that they are effective.

Once a lead enters into your system, they can be divided into lists with other potential strategies for another strategic targeting. The Study CRM Software offers a lot of flexibility to break your contacts, which means that whatever criteria you can use, it will get the best results for your business.

Apart from this, it can also be a valuable protective shield against common mistakes. For example, you can build a smart list that automatically divides the possibilities that answer multi-lingual campaigns, to ensure that they are mistakenly nothing but your chosen language.

CRM Reporting for Improved Insights (1)

The CRM system allows you to assign values ​​for any action that a prospective student takes in relation to your school, which may include anything from participating in a campus tour to a favorite Facebook post. These values ​​can be used to calculate score lead scores for that possibility, which can help you estimate how serious their interest in your business.

This process allows you to know when and how to try and make better decisions for each possible recruitment.

The scoring lead is essentially a subjective process, and how you choose the value for certain tasks will depend on your recruitment practices and how students usually talk to your school. Director of the Digital Strategy of Laurentian University, created an excellent Slideshare on the subject, which includes an example of a typical pioneer operation:

As you can see, recruiting professionals will often be provided an ‘initial score’ for the new lead, which can be assumed keeping in mind the various factors that they are seriously interested in applying. This process can be refined over time by analyzing the data of your running campaigns to make more accurate predictions in the future.

Marketing Automation and CRM for Education Consultants 

Marketing automation is also a major part of using CRM for Education Lead Generation. One of the key elements of this is Email Lead Nutrition Campaign, which many schools use to promote relationships with prospective students and gradually encourage them to take the next step in making an application.

Education CRM Software makes this process easy, so you can develop personalized email campaigns for prospective students, who keep important information about them, such as their interests and background, as a result, which results in the more targeted email content. Actually speaks for their needs.

CRM platforms allow you to create as a number of leads nutrition campaigns as you want and send follow-up emails to students and customers automatically at a specific time to encourage them for the next step. As they transfer nomination funnels, for example, by arranging an online application or arranging an interview with the members of the admissions team, your emails and any accompanying material are required to meet their needs and concerns at each stage of their visit. Can be personalized to resonate with.

As students consultants  are more familiar and open to communicating with your infrastructure, CRM System for Study Abroad Consultants can also be used to schedule and track other communications with them, such as phone calls and instant messages, your team can easily Allow you to see how and when and how the contract has been done to the students and make sure that you stay in touch regularly while a lot of massages.

CRM Software Dashboard (1)

CRM is also ideal for engaging with potential students who participate in recruitment events. For example, after entering the contact for an open day or campus tour, you can welcome them by sending a personal message and give them any information needed for this event. Later, you can send follow-up messages to thank those who arrive, or even encourage those who do not show up to participate in future events or to talk to a consultant To find out what they remember. This can also be done for online incidents such as webinars and virtual tours.

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CRM Software is effective during the recruitment process. It can also be a valuable tool for automating communication with current students, and alumni too. You can make lists for sending an automated mail to your students by telling them about important announcements, encouraging graduates to come in contact, or also can target student retention campaigns targeted at risk students, test them To study or to make time for appointment assignments.

Integrating social media with CRM for study abroad Consultants

Study CRM Software can be integrated with social media to gain additional insight into your future students, and many platforms provide many interesting ways to do this.

The platform also allows you to follow social media follow-up and share buttons, and allow you to link your own social accounts to track all your activities in one place, so that the comments and comments for your login team It’s easy to respond quickly to messages, and keep track of them quickly. Any social media conversations that are relevant to your school. Other CRM platforms also offer similar services.


CRM software data can also be used for pay-per-click campaigns on social media. Advertising platforms offered by social sites like Facebook and Twitter give users the option of uploading their contact list, after which the platform will try to match its users’ email address. This allows you to easily develop strategically-targeted remarketing campaigns.

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Using CRM Reporting for Improved Insights in Education Lead Generation

Apart from helping you organize your login process, reporting tools presented by your CRM can provide additional insight into your campaign to further improve and improve.

CRM Reporting for Improved Insights (1)

Most platforms offer a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to quickly view your contact lists and recent activities. You can also enable custom reports that provide insights into your lead generation activities. Everything that uses your CRM is automatically tracked, which means that you can easily click-to-action to see the click rate, as well as open rates and click-through rates for email. You can do that, how successful your attitude is.

You can compare traffic to your website, social media accounts, and offline initiatives to see where you are creating the most likely leads, and which channels are producing the most interested prospective students.

All of this data can be analyzed with your Google Analytics and AdWords tracking, social analytics, and any other reporting functions, which illustrates a detailed picture of the effectiveness of your campaigns. And with the ability to easily modify and improve your lead generation efforts in the touch of a button, your school can continue to see the benefits of the CRM Software for years to come.

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